Boozetunes Bros Policy

Boozetunes Bros Policy: If You Don't Like This Place...Go Somewhere Else!!!


One of the FBI 's most wanted, Interpol 's pain in the ass, but beloved to all garage lovers, is entering the team. NSA was pulling hair from their asses to get him first, but as you all know, Boozetunes, and BoozetunesBros, the uncompromising lands of the free, got the deal, with the extraterritorial Adonai, that his spacecraft landed here(you think they all crash? he landed perfectly on Sigourney Weaver and then we went to Comi-Con). We do not perform experiments, we do not approve the area 51, we have a plan that isn't the plan9 from outer space, Bella Lugosi isn't dead, Ed Wood isn't the producer, Star Trek is coming home, the man from U.N.K.L.E. was a woman, and Django wasn't only Franco Nero. Get prepared for Closed Encounters of the Third Kind...

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